My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy centers on creating conducive, friendly environment for students to get interested, feel related, and enjoy grasping new concepts and valuable skills. I truly enjoy working with students in classes and on their projects and theses. Teaching has proved a great source of reward and satisfaction in my career!

My courses at Boston University
  • CM 321 Mass Communication Research
  • CM 380 Theory and Process of Communication
  • CM 409 Persuasion and Public Opinion
  • CM 710 Communication Research
  • CM 722 Communication Theory
  • CM 831 International Communication
  • EM 797┬áConnecting Humans: Networks, History and Social Media
Thesis committees I recently chaired
  • Enhancing Americans’ views of Germany: An examination of German-American relations, Americans’ perceptions toward Germany and Germans, and Germany’s public diplomacy in the United States by Miki Yokoyama 2011
  • Analyzing the role of U.S. media and the activation of public opinion on presidential approval: The case of Obama’s intervention in Libya by Casey Smith 2012
  • An investigation of the climate change debate in the context of climategate in American news media by Eva Lillquist 2013
  • Immigrant song: Reviewing and researching framing in British and French media by Eliza Osmani 2014