My courses at Boston University
  • CM 321 Mass Communication Research
  • CM 380 Theory and Process of Communication
  • CM 409 Persuasion and Public Opinion
  • CM 710 Communication Research
  • CM 722 Communication Theory
  • CM 831 International Communication
  • EM 797 Connecting Humans: Networks, History and Social Media
Thesis committees I recently chaired
  • Enhancing Americans’ views of Germany: An examination of German-American relations, Americans’ perceptions toward Germany and Germans, and Germany’s public diplomacy in the United States by Miki Yokoyama 2011
  • Analyzing the role of U.S. media and the activation of public opinion on presidential approval: The case of Obama’s intervention in Libya by Casey Smith 2012
  • An investigation of the climate change debate in the context of climategate in American news media by Eva Lillquist 2013
  • Immigrant song: Reviewing and researching framing in British and French media by Eliza Osmani 2014
  • The effects of discrete emotion in presidential discourse on public opinion: Iran, Iraq, and United States foreign policy by Katherine Seaton 2017
My Teaching Philosophy

Each student is different and has special needs from his/her professors. I work hard on creating conducive, friendly environment for students to get interested, feel related, and enjoy grasping new concepts and valuable skills to excel in professional world as well as personal lives. I truly enjoy working with students in classes and on their projects and theses. Teaching has proved a great source of reward and satisfaction in my career!